Other research

Jan Komdeur runs several projects including wild blue tits, raptors and semi-feral barnacle geese


Terry Burke heads the NBAF-S, through which he collaborates with many scientists, and he also heads the Lundy House Sparrow Project, on which he collaborates with Shinichi Nakagawa, Julia Schroeder and Isabel Winney.

Photo (left): Julia Schroeder & a Lundy house sparrow



David Richardson leads a project on Berthelot’s pipits and Hawksbill turtles and he collaborates on a red junglefowl project


Hannah Dugdale collaborates with the Lundy house sparrow project (see above), the acorn woodpecker project, run by Eric Walters, Joey Haydock and Walt Koenig and the Wytham Badger Project run by David Macdonald, where she co-supervised the PhDs of Simon (Yung Wa) Sin, and Geetha Annavi, shown in the pictures below:

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